I was born in Belgium; I moved to Rome, where I started to cultivate the interest for IT and photography; in 1986 I moved to England for six months. In 1989 I graduated as IT expert and had different jobs, but I kept on focusing on photography.

In 1990-91 interested in street theatre, in order to realize an exhibition. From 1991 to 1993 I worked as an assistant and collaborator for Antonello Idini’s photography studio, where I perfected the use of medium and large formats, in order to reproduce jewelry, objets d’art and architecture, as well as shooting, development and print of black and white photographs.

In 1994, I realized an exhibition about street theatre and about the National Commemoration of April 25th in Milan; in the meantime, I worked as IT teacher at the WESTMINSTER SCHOOL of Rome. For Turifoon, I’ve published a guide about the monuments of the Roman Forum. During the Month of Photography, my photographs have been displayed in three different exhibitions “street theatre”, “Milan, April 25th 94”, and ” Mutoid/cyberPunk”.

Thanks to the scholarship offered by the National Center for Craftsmanship (CNA, Centro Nazional Artigianato), I was an intern at the illustrious agency MAGNUM PHOTOS of Paris; for 5 months I’ve dealt with management and archiving of photographs, both on a material and an IT level; here, I’ve had the chance to meet the most important international photographers, Ferdinando Scianna among them. I attended a four-month French course at the municipality school of Paris.

In 1995, I started to work in Milan, in Scianna’s studio, as an assistant and collaborator; I assisted him during his shootings for fashion and advertisements, arranging the archiving of his material. By the end of that year, I had organized an exposition about Paris, titles “A City Geometries – reflexes of cultures”. From 1995 to 1996 I worked as an IT consultant as for archiving methods for the photography agencies CEKAP s.r.l. and EIKONA, where I also worked as a photographer.

In 1997, I won the prize CILO by the Comune di Roma young enterpreneurs, with the project for an IT cooperative focused on images and multimedia. In 1997 and 1998 I shot a reportage about the Esquiline hill and the Garbatella, and I published two touristic guides with the Cultural Association Futuro, in collaboration with the Comune di Roma. My photographs were displayed at the PALLADIUM during an exhibition titled “Yesterday’s and Today’s Garbatella” and were given to the Primary School of the district of Garbatella. The following year, an exhibition of my photographs took place at the Historical Museum of Liberation of Rome, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights, with the sponsorship of the Comune di Roma.

From 1998 to 2001 I collaborated with the important photography studio Luxardo of Rome, where I was responsible of the development and print of the photographic services shot both in studio and outdoors. Among them, photos of the political events of the Italian Chamber of deputies and of the Senate of the Republic. In 1999, among other activities, I was assistant and technical consultant for the DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES of the UNIVERSITY OF ROME “LA SAPIENZA”. During that year, my interest for events got deeper and deeper and I started to plan, produce and put on events; so, I started to collaborate with big events agencies, not only as a photographer. Among them; from 2003, Iperbole has been organizing events linked to movies, TV and brand promotion.

From 2000 to 2003, I worked as a photographer and IT expert at the OLYMPIA PUBLIFOTO (OLYCOM) agency, in Rome; I shot the photos of the fashion collections and campaigns for ”Abitart”. In 2005, I was in Scampia, taking part to the International Festival “The world’s outskirts –Imaginary outskirts”, with the sponsorship of the Presidenza of the Regione Campania; I participated to a lecture about theatre and movie languages in Alberto Bassetti’s socially committed art . I collaborated with ISC (Istituto Superiore della Comunicazione)and with ESE (European School of Economics)as a photographer; I became EPIC and RIMI official photographer. I was responsible of the shooting of the SHATKI collection and I made a look-book for VALENTINO’S autumn/winter collection.

The following years, I taught IT and photography at La Scuola Romana. I’m at present working as a freelance photographer, and collaborating with Olycom photography agencies. I’m consultant and photographer of the Non-profit Association ParkinZone I’ve shot phos for catalogues and portraits, in collaboration with the agency Primopianocine tv and Briciola TV, being photographer in the first gift room of Rome and Venice international Movies film Festivals. I got interested to video and I’ve shot short films, documentaries and promotional reportage, as director and photography director. For Iperbole, Pancake Eventi, Mp-group and various events agencies, I’m an IT consultant and I design websites and catalogues. at present I work as a freelance photographer and consultant, and responsible for the planning and fulfillment of events, Bulgari, Enel, Sony Pictures, Sky, Fox, Studio, Universal, Moviemax, and Medusa among them. 

During the last years I started traveling around the world with the philosophy of getting images, experiences trough different Cultures  and places, improving my background and knowledges proud to share  my art with my clients and friends 

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